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Tax Consulting: Experts in Tax Optimization

Why Choose David Ramos as a Partner in Tax Consulting?

From this office led by David Ramos, we provide cutting-edge tax consulting services to help you minimize your tax burden and comply with tax regulations. Discover how our experts can optimize your tax situation.

Tax Experience

With extensive experience in tax consulting, our team of experts has worked with various companies and individuals. We offer deep knowledge and expertise in tax legislation to address your needs effectively.

Customized Solutions

We are committed to tangible results. We work with you to implement tax reduction strategies that translate into quantifiable savings. We not only advise you but also assist you.

Financial Peace of Mind

We are committed to your financial peace of mind. We take pride in our meticulous work ethic and commitment to your tax success. Our goal is to be your trusted partner in tax matters.

Services We Offer:

  • Tax advice for companies, foundations, and non-profit entities.
  • Tax and accounting planning and advice.
  • Preliminary analysis and proposals for tax and accounting closure.
  • Related-party transactions: We provide advice on related-party transactions, covering the comparability analysis of related-party transactions, the preparation of mandatory documentation (Related-Party Transactions Protocol), and advice and monitoring of inspections and appeals.
  • Declaration of assets abroad (Model 720).
  • Inspections and tax representations.
  • Resources and claims.
  • Request for refund of undue income.
  • Fractionation and deferment of payments.
  • Enforcement proceedings for tax and Social Security debts.
  • Tax litigation procedures.

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